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Can Personal Training Change Your Life?

By Kelsey Kennedy

If you want to improve your fitness, you might be considering whether working with a personal trainer is the best option for you.

Working with a personal trainer can help you achieve your health and fitness objectives, regardless of whether you're new to working out or the gym is your second home.

A certified personal trainer has received training in designing and putting their clients' workout regimens into action. To put it another way, they'll assist you in working out and making other lifestyle adjustments to achieve your fitness objective.

Holds you accountable

Simply executing the exercises and doing them consistently can be one of the hardest components of keeping up with a workout plan.

If you'd rather stay in bed or relax on the couch, you're much more likely to skip out if someone isn't expecting you to meet them at the gym.

Working with a personal trainer will provide you with the motivation you need to exercise, whether in person or digitally. Additionally, you could discover that working with a trainer makes you work harder than working alone.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Travel together if you want to go far?" Numerous studies have demonstrated that a person's chances of success in achieving their fitness and health goals increase with the level of assistance they receive.

In fact, one study of studies from the previous 11 years examined how successfully participants adhered to their weight loss plans. It was discovered that people are more likely to persist with their weight loss program if they have greater accountability.

Sticking to Goals

Have you ever set a lofty goal for your health and fitness, like shedding 20 pounds or preparing for a marathon, only to fall short of it?

A personal trainer can support your growth along the way by assisting you in setting reasonable and doable goals based on your unique experiences and capabilities.

A goal, no matter how big or small, can help you stay motivated while you're on a fitness journey, even if all you want is to be active or feel better.

You will receive a customized plan

You can find numerous pages of workouts or programs to follow by performing a quick Google search, but that doesn't necessarily imply they're the ideal choice for you. You can be sure that you'll have a personalized strategy that will help you achieve your goals if you hire a personal trainer.

For instance, let's say your trainer notices during your initial session that your right leg is weaker than your left leg, which you were unaware of. You are compensating for this imbalance during many daily movements and activities, which makes the imbalance worse.

Your trainer will next add single-leg exercises to your routine to target the problem, enabling you to fix the imbalance and build overall strength.

Nutrition tips

Since a qualified personal trainer is not a nutritionist or a dietitian, they cannot legally offer clients who have underlying medical concerns meal plans or other detailed dietary advice.

Personal trainers are permitted to offer general nutritional guidance, which many customers could find to be quite helpful as they travel down their respective paths to fitness and health.

Whether you want to lose weight, increase muscle, or do both, your nutrition is key.

The results you work for in the gym can be amplified by knowing how much protein to eat, how to include more fruits and vegetables in your meals, or even how much water to drink each day.

Improves mental health

Personal trainers can support you in a number of ways with your mental health. One is that a sizable body of research demonstrates the beneficial effects exercise can have on mental health conditions.

Exercise improves mood and cognitive function overall, reduces stress, and increases blood flow to the brain. You will experience these advantages if you work with a trainer frequently.

A skilled personal trainer will also show interest in your life, including your family, job, and difficulties, and can even serve as a confidant. It is good to know that someone is supporting you outside of the gym as much as inside of it.

Getting to know your body

Your personal trainer is well-versed in topics like exercise science, behavior modification, human physiology and body mechanics. They can teach you the right technique, how to utilize particular equipment, and which workouts will benefit you the most.

In addition, they can instruct you on more advanced health and fitness subjects that will support your effort to live a healthy lifestyle.

It’s invaluable to have a personal trainer to show you the proper form and positioning. They can assist in making sure you are exercising as efficiently as possible for your body.

By doing this, you'll probably get better results and decrease your risk of getting hurt.


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