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Can You Turn Fat Into Muscle

By David Cozzens

Muscle and fat are two completely separate substances that have very different functions in the body.

A number of critical physiological functions, including appetite regulation, the storage of fat-soluble hormones like vitamin D, and the provision of energy during calorie restriction, are all facilitated by body fat. It is also essential for preventing harm to internal organs.

In addition to being essential for enabling us to move our skeleton and carry out daily activities, muscle tissue also makes up a significant portion of our daily energy requirements.

It is just not conceivable for one of these two problems to become the other because they are entirely distinct from one another.

The notion that "muscle turns to fat" may have originated from those who had "detraining." They go from a trained condition with a somewhat decent body composition to an untrained state. Thus, what typically occurs is a decrease in lean body mass and an increase in fat mass.

Let's imagine you have a really active lifestyle and need a lot of energy each day. You might also be accustomed to eating a particular quantity of food. But let's say your leg breaks. You are unable to train or stroll at the same level of intensity as before.

In such scenario, you would require a lot less energy each day while continuing to consume the same amount of food. Losing muscle mass could also result from stopping your exercising.

A poorer body composition is the result of excess calories and inactivity.

Thus, although it could seem that the muscle has transformed to fat, this is really the result of your body composition shifting for the reasons mentioned above.

What our Personal Trainers in Orange County can do for you though, is help you lose body fat, as well as gain muscle mass. This will help you achieve the desired results you are looking for!

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