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Kelsey's 25LB And 8 Pants Size Drop Helped Her Change From Feeling Ashamed To Beautiful

Hitting a state of desperation when it comes to your weight gain is a sufferable place to be.


Living in the Netherlands during COVID lockdown in the dead of winter doesn’t help your mental or physical wellbeing. I took comfort in eating to get through the hard times and the pounds packed on. Going from a size 2 to a size 10 in a matter of months changes your outlook on daily life.  I was ashamed of my body and the way I looked.


I researched online how to get back in shape and what to eat, but this left me more confused than where I started. I tried different exercise routines, but It exacerbated my neck and back pain. I wasn’t losing the weight or getting the body I desired. The idea of what I wanted to achieve wasn’t being accomplished and I was left feeling irritated and hopeless. 


After moving back to California I knew it was time to take my weight into my own hands and seek help. Researching trainers online was a daunting process, but one stood out above all.


Train with Dave

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Once I started with the team everything became a lot easier. Understanding the diet became a simple process and I was able to use it in my everyday life. At restaurants I could still enjoy outings with friends, yet stick to my weight-loss goals.


I didn’t dread the gym anymore because my workouts were crystal clear and I wasn’t wondering what I was doing wrong. When a trainer thoroughly cares it makes reaching your goals a desirable process. 


Being held accountable for my diet and workouts made reaching my dream body possible. I was able to go from 160 pounds with 30% body fat to 135 pounds with 19% body fat. I never thought fitting back into a size 2 would be possible, but I did it… and this time with more muscle. 


Knowing that my trainer was there to back me at every turn gave me the assurance and drive I needed to do something truly exceptional. 

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The instruction I received in the past was very different from Train with Dave. I don’t just simply pay the money, do the workout, and leave. The trainer wants it just as much as I do, and I believe that is the key difference in this situation. You don't feel like you're in it by yourself - The trainers really get inside your head, and I believe it keeps you motivated and focused.


Working with a trainer gave me the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about nutrition. You can adapt your diet to meet your lifestyle, starvation isn’t necessary.

Education was available that I never had before. Before this I believed that I needed to exercise a lot, burn a lot of calories, and barely eat. 


It’s a complete misconception that lifting weights makes you bulky. I believe that more women should simply give it a shot and push themselves. I’m proud of my improved figure and weight training helped get the body I always desired. 


Despite my initial reservations, the progress allowed me to realize my full potential. You can achieve your goals if you truly want to. I now actually look forward to going to the gym, every session is fun for me.

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