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Thousands of members have chosen to Train with Dave for their body transformation. Check out some of their life-changing testimonials!



Every client at Train With Dave has a different set of goals and circumstances, thus there is an unlimited variety of ways to achieve an "result." You were certainly drawn to us because of our striking transformations, but this is just the beginning.

Only about 30% of our clients arrive hoping to get six-pack abs. For everyone else, it's a personal quest to reclaim their health, self-worth, and vitality. A pleasant plus is that you'll also get in amazing physical shape.

Every customer who fully commits to the process can accomplish something genuinely amazing. It might not always be the astounding physical "before and after." But frequently, it is just pain-free, self-esteem-boosting daily living or significant, life-changing changes in blood pressure, insulin management, and mental health.

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I've been training with Stefán for over two years now. My goals have changed over the years and they delivered and exceed my expectation EVERY SINGLE TIME!!


He keeps me accountable, navigate through all the changes, help me build a healthy, sustainable routine. Working out on my own does not feel the same. He never fail to challenge me and take me to the next level.

Mike R.
Mike Rocha Final.png

DAVE , Man o man what can I say about this guy that would give him justice as to how awesome of a trainer he is ! When I arrived not only Did I already feel like family but Dave personally was the first one to welcome me to the gym. Dave straight up just asked me what is your goal I gave him a short term goal of 30 days to prepare for my 30th birthday trip to Las Vegas where I was going to attend pool parties. 


Not only did Dave deliver on his promises to get me to my goal but was available every single day I needed anything or had a question. You honestly do get what you pay for and Dave is worth every single last dollar that he charges. Top of the line training, awesome gym and equipment, and an undeniable attention to detail. If you're not training with Dave you're doing yourself a disservice.

Jessica F.
Jessica Freeman Final.png

When we first started, I was super out of shape, and really intimidated to begin personal training, but I am so, so glad I did.


Through working with David, I've lost a bunch of weight and my strength has improved dramatically. Also, I used to deal with chronic shoulder pain that would often keep me up at night. After working with me to strengthen my back and improve my posture, that pain has all but disappeared.

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David is the man. I had chronic low back and hip pain due to an injury sustained competing in powerlifting and weightlifting. His corrective exercise knowledge has helped immensely. It was affecting my quality of life and I'm so grateful that I can now walk and bend over without any pain. Looking forward to growing and getting back on a platform eventually under his guidance.


April 27, 2016


David has helped me to lose 85 pounds by educating me on better nutrition as well as created exercise routines that allowed me to workout with a severe knee injury that eventually required a full knee replacement.


August 17, 2015


I dropped down to 13% body fat and gained 18lbs of muscle mass in 4 months while working with David.


July 27, 2016

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