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Talia overcame excruciating lower back pain and metabolic damage to become the leanest and healthiest she's ever been.

Talia has rebuilt her metabolism and overcame a lower back injury. She was unable to walk or stand, so did we get her fully moving again?


The week before Talia started at Train with Dave, she could barely walk. Even if she tried to just stand, she would be in excruciating pain. A combination of an eating disorder, metabolic damage, and a stressful work environment made her pack on the pounds. She was at a complete and total loss, in which she wanted to change for the better. 


“I was also struggling with a previous eating problem (caused by a previous trainer from another gym, who had me on a 1200 calorie diet for 3 years), that left me with metabolic damage that took me 5 years to get out of.”

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The story leading up to Train with Dave


2012: Talia started a diet of 1200 calories, in which a trainer at another gym had put her on. During these 3 years, she asked several times to reverse diet because she was struggling. Every day she ate quinoa, chicken, egg whites, and broccoli. She didn’t have a cheat meal for 3 years and started getting migraines all the time. 


2015: She ended her 1200 calories diet at 106 pounds. 


2016: She started crossfit and gained 24 pounds within a few months.


2017: Talia was diagnosed with metabolic damage stage 3. During a crossfit competition she injured her lower back. The lower back injury reoccurred 5 more times.


2021: One week before starting at Train with Dave, she couldn’t stand or walk for a week.

What was she trying to achieve with a new trainer

A chiropractor made it clear that Talia’s lower back issues were due to a muscle imbalance between her back and core. Her main goal was to have her lower back and core stronger, so she would never have to deal with back pain again. 


“A week before I started at TWD, I couldn't walk. I had a lower back injury in 2017 that happened at a crossfit competition that has reoccurred several times. This was the worst time of my life.” 

How the change began 

Talia was paired with a trainer, Dixie, that matched her personality well. Focusing attention to her lower back, so the excruciating pain from the injury doesn’t return.


“Dixie has paid a lot of attention to my lower back pain and has found several really helpful warm ups and in-between lifts and stretches that I now utilize during every lifting session.


She has also paid a lot of attention to my lifting posture/form and helped fix a lot of issues. She has made the workouts fun and pushes me to lift more while keeping solid form.”

How Train with Dave changed Talia’s life

Within 5 months Talia had lost more weight than her original goal. 


“I have been to many gyms before, and Dixie is by the far the best trainer I have ever had. She has been very patient and encouraging with me, she takes caution with my lower back, she finds ways for me to work out when my lower back isn't feeling very well. She listens to me and works to help me reach my goals. Most of all, I've never felt judged even when I was at my worst.”

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