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Excellence in
Every Action

Compared to what you're undoubtedly used to, Train With Dave trainers are completely different. In a field rife with "workout buddy" trainers and glorified "gym babysitters," we stand out.


Yes, our team exceeds all the standard requirements for a high-end gym, but we also expect more, and as a result, we produce results that no other fitness company can.


Elite Level of Education

Our personal trainers have the necessary college eduation to utilize our in-depth scientific approach to training.


With weekly training meetings, we constantly strive to stay up to date with the latest research and procedures.

These factors should be taken into consideration by any prospective customer or trainer when evaluating Train With Dave.

We set the standard for what Personal Training should look like.

A Strict Hiring Process

With our tried-and-true techniques, we have trained thousands of clients.


So, it stands to reason that we only work with the best and most accomplished trainers in the country. College education, former Fitness Managers, trainers who have been published in medical journals, we want to recruit only "A" players.

Becoming a trainer at Train with Dave is a really challenging endeavor. It surpasses the hiring process in every gym in the area by a significant margin. However, this does not mean that we hire "finished products."

About 1 out of every 80 applicants is hired by us. We test them using verbal examinations, written tests on physiology and nutrition, multiple rounds of interviews, and evaluations of practical exercises on the gym floor. Why?


We are searching for a very specific individual


Experience The Next Level Of Personal Training

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A Culture of Self Development

Yes, we carefully choose the best applicants from all over the country. But we search for more than just "ability." Raw potential is really what we're after. "Attitude over aptitude" is the case.

We need instructors who are interested in long-term careers. We seek individuals who are unafraid to take criticism—even constructive criticism—on the chin. We give preference to those that actively seek out teamwork rather than the typical "lone wolf" trainers in the fitness business.

Of course, we want some of the qualities that consistently distinguish an excellent trainer. A fitness professional that "walks the walk," has a lifelong passion for movement, and has the mentality to take our clients' outcomes personally. But this alone is insufficient.

Excellence is our Standard

When our trainers accept the unique approach and culture we have established at Train with Dave, they succeed.

There are no session goals for our trainers. They don't engage in marketing or sales. Our trainers' only objective is to become experts in what they do. Delivering results and a return on investment for the client is the only metric that counts for their compensation.

They accomplish this by operating in a system that holds them accountable and nurtures growth.


Built on Accountability

In almost all conventional gym environments, working with a trainer is a random process. What occurs when something goes wrong? practically nothing.

There is undoubtedly no progress evaluations or results tracking. Every level of our organization holds our trainers responsible for your extraordinary accomplishments. We keep an eye on everything. There is no room for error.

When one of our trainers goes above and above for a client, we can see it. When the evidence is presented to us, we reward them. On the other hand, when a trainer isn't effective, we can tell right away. This enables us to make immediate corrections.

Powered by our own App

Elite personal training requires people management and labor-intensive work. If done successfully, it indicates that we are managing people (our trainers) in an effective manner to assist them in managing people (our clients).

Our technology gives us the advantage. Every action we take is monitored. Should you choose to track it, it's not only your diet and workouts. In our own app, we track every metric for trainers and clients.

It institutionalizes responsibility. It makes use of our data to improve our process. Most importantly, it provides a way for our trainers to deliver quantifiable results to every client.

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