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How to Write your own Workout Program

The easiest way to create your own programs is to have one specific goal for that month.

Program design is a mixture of science and art. constantly changing the stimulus so a person doesn't plateau. One way to do this is by progressive overload. This means that you constantly make the exercises more challenging, while incorporating easier weeks to help you recover.

With programming, you have 3 "blocks" or "cycles." These are called microcycles, mesocycles, and macrocycles.

Microcycle: usually 1 week

Mesocycle: 1-3 Months

Macrocycle: Entire Training Cycle

Now that we have the basics...lets dive deeper into this.

As we said before, try to have a 1 year (macrocycle) goal. After you have that, the next step is to implement a needs analysis. With a needs analysis, you need to find out exactly what is preventing you from getting to your goal (defenders). This could be; not enough muscle mass, knee injury, too heavy, etc. With this needs analysis as well as your 1 year goal, implement small goals for each one of the defenders. After you have the small goals, determine how long each small goal will take to reach, as well as which order you need to put them in.

The next step is to find the big goal for each mesocycle, the defenders that are preventing you from reaching that goal, as well as the mini goals for each defender. An example of this would be;

big goal: Increase back squat by 15%

defenders: leg strength, lower back instability, ankle flexibility

mini goals: increase back squat by 15%, hold a plank for 2 minutes, increase ankle flexibility by 15%

Now we can break this down into microcycles. In order you should go; movement patterns, conditioning, hypertrophy, strength, power, then speed. So for the sake of this example, a way this could be programmed is;

3 weeks - stability and flexibility

3 weeks - back strength

2 weeks - leg strength.

If you continue this process you will be able to find out what exactly is preventing you from reaching your goal so you can act accordingly.

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David Cozzens

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