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Strength Train Instead Of Cardio For Fat Loss In Irvine

By, David Cozzens

1. Give up doing hard lifting when you're trying to lose weight.

Should I use low weights to burn fat or heavy weights to build muscle?

We emphasize building strength and muscle through weight training while working with clients who want results.

We ideally want to train in the hypertrophy range in order to achieve this. It won't be enough to just do high repetitions with tiny weights.

If you train just for weight loss, you run the danger of decreasing your overall metabolic rate and losing muscle mass.

Actually, when dieting, strength is one of the finest metrics to monitor. We can be certain that the diet plan is effective and that muscle mass isn't being lost if strength is either maintaining or growing and bodyweight is decreasing.

If strength suddenly declines, we can be certain that something is off. Be it nutrition, rest, or recuperation from exercise. The majority of our time can be better spent assessing this and keeping track of a client's progress if we focus on the 8–15 rep range.

2. Give up the idea that fasting cardio is a miracle for fat loss.

Despite popular belief, you don't have to wake up at four in the morning to perform aerobic exercises on an empty stomach.

This is a contentious topic since some people firmly believe in it, while others call it "bro science."

At Train With Dave we have clients who have achieved insane progress at every one of our locations, including Orange, Irvine, and Rancho Santa Margarita.

From a physiological perspective, it is irrelevant. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated that performing aerobic exercises while fasting does not produce any miraculous changes in metabolism (Schoenfeld B.J, 2014).

3. Quit arguing that more is always preferable.

Increase the number of sets, repetitions, cardio, sessions, and so forth.

Many people make the mistake of pushing themselves to the limit in an attempt to achieve the body they desire faster than they should in the hopes of seeing faster results.

This is not to imply that it is easy in any other way, as it is not.

However, we frequently observe in the clients we work with that their bodies will frequently rebel if their nutrition and workout volume are not properly managed.

The amount our bodies can do are limited. Our bodies will typically alert us to the point at which we have overexerted ourselves if we train too much, too frequently, and with insufficient fuel.

Should this describe you, you should probably take a step back.

The majority of our clients work out just three or four days a week. And our outcomes are self-explanatory!

4. Don't rely just on sit-ups to build abs.

You're seriously mistaken if you believe that performing 1,000 sit-ups a day would give you the ideal set of abs.

Although it may seem apparent, there are two issues with this.

Key is diet. A poor diet cannot be out-trained, particularly if your only exercise is some abdominal exercises.

Spot reduction is ineffective. Is it really possible for you to gain a six-pack just by performing sit-ups while the rest of your body is in terrible shape?

To increase your chances of gaining abs, focus most of your training on compound exercises, build strength, and optimize your diet.

5. Give up believing that you must be in the "fat burning zone" or that you cannot burn any fat in less than 20 minutes of cardio.

There appears to be a prevailing misconception that cardiac exercise lasting less than 20 minutes is useless.

Can you complete the task in 19 minutes and 59 seconds? Was the time wasted?

Definitely not!

What if you did HIIT intervals for ten minutes? Was the agony you just endured unnecessary?

This takes us to the topic of the "fat burning zone," which refers to the notion that no body fat will be burned outside of this zone, which is typically between 60 and 70 percent of maximum heart rate.

We're not denying its existence, but it has been utterly misunderstood. It is true that at lower intensities than at higher intensities, the body burns a larger amount of fat. However, compared to lesser intensities, high intensities result in a greater total calorie burn, or more calories from fat.

Therefore, combining HIIT with LISS to discover the ideal mixture that works for your body, tastes, and enjoyment is the greatest method to get your cardio in.

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