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Work With An Award Winning Personal Training Company

The art and science of personal training have been fundamentally reimagined by Train with Dave.


We go beyond being mere personal trainers. We are much more than a gym. We have invested in creating an ecosystem of top-tier coaches, cutting-edge analytics, and accountability tools that provide you with a rock-solid success plan that will work if you stick with the procedure.

Our mentality is the same: ethics in all we do, honesty and integrity as your trusted partner, and a strategy customized to your specific goals that gets you the best results in the shortest amount of time.


Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life? Train With Dave is behind some of OC’s most dramatic body transformations.

It all starts with a free consultation to discuss your goals and see if personal training is right for you.


Sustainable & realistic food program and education - eat what you want in moderation!


Custom workouts for you to do on your own to drive further results.


We drive great, repeatable habits with effective psychological and behavioral strategies.


Our personal trainers utilize the same training methodologies as professional athletes.


We are always on the cutting edge of training science.


Bottom line: our clients keep their results without rebounding and will help you get to your goals in the shortest amount of time.

We care about your Success

We aren't just there to count reps as personal trainers. We are fully committed to your success.


We are just as interested in your progress as you are. Our personal trainers are only paid when they produce significant and noticeable results for their customers.

We ensure that our clients' goals are met with a personalized approach, going far beyond just a "before and after." Regardless of your goals, our personal trainers advance only by providing a genuine return on investment that exceeds what might be achieved working out in a regular gym with a regular trainer.

Maximum Results
Minimal Time

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Each Personal Training program is not only customized towards your goals, but is created to fit your lifestyle. I will not only get you to your goal, but also educate you on the process so you can mantain the body you've always wanted.


Increase Muscle Mass