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The Reason Why you’re Always Hungry

By Kelsey Kennedy

If you complain frequently that you're always hungry, you might rely on false foods to satisfy your needs for nutrients and satiety.

What is dietary displacement?

It occurs when someone forgoes nutritious foods in favor of less healthy alternatives. But who really cares…. We should be alright as long as our calorie intake is balanced, right?

Negative dietary displacement causes:

  • loss of muscle mass

  • rebound overeating

  • poor nutritional intake

  • lack of satiety

  • low quantities of energy

  • higher body fat

In other words, not only do you feel awful, but you also don't look your best, and to top it all off, you're still hungry. Bummer.

Counteract: Positive Dietary Displacement

On the other hand, have you ever met someone who, after a filling lunch of complete, natural foods, forgoes the huge brownie dessert or only eats a small portion of it?

When a person consumes enough healthy food each day, there is little to no room left for the unhealthier items, this is referred to as positive dietary displacement.

When people eat this way, it typically results in:

  • eating enough food to meet your energy demands

  • feeling full after a dinner

  • a fantastic nutrient intake

  • the growth of lean muscle

  • high energy levels

  • lower body fat percentage

In contrast to negative dietary displacement, you look nice, feel good, and have a satisfied stomach. Count me in.

“But I'm never satisfied!”

A calorie from kale is very different from one from candy. Calories from "non-food" sources are more likely to be stored as fat, harm health, increase hunger and food obsession, and lower energy levels.

You can be consuming the incorrect meals.

Volume over Calories

The number of calories we consume does not primarily control our appetite. Rather, it is determined by the amount of food we consume.

Simply put, our appetite is determined by the amount of total food volume that passes through our digestive tract. We're satisfied if a large amount of food passes through.

As a result, in terms of keeping us fuller for longer during the day, the volume/weight of foods appears to be more important than the calorie content.

No Excuses

If we skip breakfast, become extremely hungry, and then buy candy, chips, and soda at the gas station, we will end up with a candy, chip, and soda physique. Instead we should be able to control our appetite and make wise selections.

It's time to start replacing your menu's less desirable food options with more desirable ones, not the other way around. Initially, consume enough healthy foods. And if you want to eat something that isn't very healthy, eat something that is. Then see how you feel.

It's time to start replacing poorer food options on your menu with better ones, rather than the other way around. Eat plenty of nutritious foods first. If you want a less-nutritious food option, eat the nutritious one first and then see how you feel.

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